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 Hi  Bob, I just wanted to touch base with you about Leloo. She is a dream  come true! Leloo is a very outgoing and friendly puppy. She has met  hundreds of people and always greets strangers with love and tail wags.  She has played with dozens of puppies and very large dogs in the area  and she does very well with them. Her bad habits are wining at strangers  who don’t pet her, and wining at dogs who don’t want to play with her.  We have not had a single potty training incident, she has not chewed on a  single thing that isn’t one of her toys. She understands lots of  commands like come, sit, lay down, stay, wait at the door. She reads  body language like no dog I’ve ever seen. When walking I don’t need to  speak to her to ask her to come a certain direction, I just angle my  body that way and she follows. We are looking forward to many more years  of fun with this gigantic girl. Oh, speaking of gigantic, she weighs  45lbs at 3 months old. From what I’ve read that is uncharacteristic  large for her gender and age. We were hoping for a big girl, so we are  very happy with the way she is maturing. She starts school next month.                                                  Lelia